10 Oct 2013

Review: B2Y Scarlet Edition Hair Straightener

My flat iron is the single most important beauty tool I own. I got my first one when I was about 17, but didn't use it much as I had no idea how to do it quickly with good results. In my first year of varsity I really started experimenting and after a couple of months I was doing my hair in under 30 minutes. Now I can't imagine life without one.

I always used the Verimark hair straighteners because I succumbed to TV infomercials, but my lovely mom bought me my very first ghd in 2009, after returning from my first stint in Korea. It's a pretty, light pink colour and as far as I remember a portion of the money went towards a breast cancer fund. It wasn't until I started using my ghd that I realised what I was missing out on. It was like a little bit of beauty magic was bestowed upon me and I was so pleased with the results. The time it took to do my hair went down to only 10~15  minutes and my hair was soft, glossy and the style lasted so much longer. Anyone who's into beauty knows that ghd's are rather pricey, but I honestly feel that the money you spend is more than worth it, because you have an appliance that delivers on its promises.

I have been using my pink ghd for four years now and it's still working, although after hundreds of uses it's starting to look a little beat up. The plates are getting hotter than usual and it has started making a slight buzzing sound that makes me nervous that it might explode or catch on fire or something (I'm paranoid that way). I'm in no way disappointed that it's retiring on me- I feel that with 4 years of daily straightening it had good innings, but it was time to get a new one. I started searching online to see where I could find ghd in Korea and didn't think it could be too difficult seeing as they are made here. But, alas, I could not find a single one.


After doing some research I came across a few posts mentioning B2Y and started investigating. Turns out, (for whatever reason) the Korean company that makes ghd is not allowed to/ doesn't want to sell the ghd brand here and they released the exact same flat iron under the B2Y name. The only difference is the price and here's the awesome part: it's half to a third of the price you'd pay for a ghd back home. We got mine online at Gmarket for KRW84 000 ($84). There are two different ones available in this style: the Scarlet and Purple Rain. I chose the former, because the white colour in the Purple Rain might become ugly and faded after a few months or years. Also (and this is just me being picky) I feel like the purple coloured plates might not be as effective as the darker ones. The Scarlet just feels more classic to me.

So, onto its actual performance. I won't lie, I was a little sceptical about this cheaper version as I've (sadly) started to equate massive price tags with good quality when it comes to flat irons- but I couldn't be more wrong. The B2Y is the real deal, ladies, and it works exactly the same as my ghd (same plates, same 360° swivel cord,same body design) but there's a special feature that makes the Korean version a little nicer in my opinion and I'm sure you'll agree: The B2Y has a temperature control! You can choose between temperatures of 100°C~200°C which I find great, because not all of us have the same hair texture or thickness so why on earth should we all be using the exact same temperature on our tresses? The B2Y also comes with two hair clips (which aren't too great, but that doesn't matter to me) as well as a comb that I use when straightening my hair.

I just want to add that the first 3~4 times I used the B2Y the plates felt like they didn't run smoothly through my hair, but this is not a B2Y thing- I remember this happening with my ghd in the beginning too (anyone else experience this, too?). The plates are running 100% perfectly smooth now though, so I think they just need to be used a few times.

I am honestly, very happy that I got the B2Y hair straightener and highly recommend it- just as I do ghd. The price is a wonderful perk and I'll probably buy and extra B2Y, so that I'm covered for a good while after leaving Korea next year.


  1. Dit klink WOW!!! Miskien laat ek jou nog ene vir my saambring as julle terugkom!! <3 xx

    1. Dit is wow! Anytime, se net dan bring ek vir jou een saam! xx

  2. Can I ask when this model came out? Thanks for the review

    1. Hi! I'm not sure of the exact date, but it's been on the market for a couple of years.

  3. Thank you for your help :)


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