Hello, I'm Kate.
Welcome to my beauty blog!

I'm a 31-year-old South African that's been living and working in South Korea on and off for the past eight years. I'm a total beauty addict and have always loved writing, so in September 2013 I brought the two together and katelovespretty was born. 

You'll find plenty of reviews here, so be sure to check out My Skin page to learn more about my skin type, so you can make better sense of my reviews as different skin types react differently to products. I'm constantly discovering new ways to apply and utilize beauty products, which I'll also share with you along the way.

This blog is creative outlet and a place for people to get honest, non-sponsored product reviews, so I tend to blog on and off whenever I feel inspired.

**Disclaimer: All my posts are my own, 100% honest opinions. I have not been asked by any person/company to write these reviews for their benefit. I purchase all the products featured on my blog with my own money. Should products ever be sent to me for review in the future, I will indicate it and continue to write unbiased reviews. My blog's main purpose will always be to educate/ inform others, not for personal benefit .**


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